Clap to find My smartphone Best App

By | 8 April 2023

 Clap to find My smartphone Best App

Clap to find My smartphone is a unfastened app that permits you to locate your tool by way of clapping. This app is very beneficial while you neglect wherein you have kept your telephone. It provides features like flashlight on call, flash alert on notification and SMS, SMS and caller call announcer, call blocking off, battery degree alert and PIN protection.

do not touch My smartphone permits you to be notified when a person touches your phone. This smartphone finder app will assist you to set different notification tones.

the way to use the Clap for discover My phone app?

do not be harassed approximately how to locate my telephone. we have already provided the whole process within the records tag below the phase “Clap to discover”. here it’s miles:

1. click on at the “discover My telephone” button to enable this option.

2. allow toggle button. Now you can use this selection.

3. you can adjust sound frequency, notification and flash blink pace in “Settings”

four. “select Tone” to set your desired tone.

five. The frequency/sensitivity your smartphone detects is based totally at the surroundings which you can set from 1 to ten.

6. you may switch on/off the flash or set the c program languageperiod time to change among 50 to 1500 ms.

features of this app:

# find misplaced phone by way of clapping

# choose any ring to find your smartphone

# Flashlight Strobe / sign with greater setting options

# Set battery degree for flash notification

# Time putting for DND mode

# Caller name Talker system

# all your SMS content spoken out loud

# Set pitch of speech sound

# extra security settings for phone security

Key features of Clap to find My telephone will let you locate your phone and make it clean to find your telephone everywhere:

locate my telephone:

This segment carries settings for finding your phone by using clapping. It has four sub-tags: Clap to discover, Whistle to discover, do not touch and Pocket Mode. find My smartphone permits you to enable or disable the characteristic and its settings. in the second, you could select the Alert ringtone. There are three tones available through default or you can choose from your garage from the button beneath “pick tone from cellphone”.

Flash Alert & DND:

if you want flash on incoming name or message then you may enable flash alert from option. this feature includes two toggles for call and SMS. Settings consist of flash mode, notification setting, flash be counted, blinking speed, and DND mode settings.

name Block:

Clap to locate my phone app has call blocking off function with the aid of which any wide variety out of your touch listing or selected can be delivered to blocklist in the software.

Caller & SMS call Announcer:

this feature suggests the name of the person that referred to as or SMS you. you can set prefix and suffix as well as SMS settings and speech speed.

Charger disconnect and battery alert:

you can set the tone while your telephone is hooked up or disconnected from the charger. It signals while the battery level drops underneath the selected percent. It additionally lets in you to guard your smartphone with a PIN protection device whilst the charging mode is on.

do not contact my telephone

in case you want to obtain an alarm while someone touches your phone, you may use the “Do now not contact” characteristic. capabilities encompass flash setting, tone choice, PIN security device and volume putting.

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essential capability get admission to permissions:

solution telephone call: the solution cellphone call permission in this app is used to dam calls that are added to the blocklist within the software. (for Android eight and underneath).

examine cellphone nation: study phone country permission (for flash alert at some point of incoming call) in this application to get the fame of any ongoing call.

Bind Accessibility service: The Bind Accessibility service permission is used within the software to reveal the actions of the tool to get hold of flash indicators when notifications are obtained.

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