Indias First Audio News Latest Android Application

By | 13 April 2022

 Indias First Audio News Latest Android Application

Stay updated with a top 20 latest news of the day

• You can also listen to the latest news in Hindi and in English when you are jogging in the morning or traveling to your workplace.

Enjoy the grandeur. Enjoy News Bulb.

Some of our features-

1. Fair and Clean

• We are not associated with any political party and therefore we provide completely fair and clean content

• We create and curate our content based on multiple sources to remove any fake news

• You won’t find unnecessary negativity here

• Each material is validated multiple times to eliminate the editor’s point of view and keep only the facts

• We don’t disguise ads as news like other competitors

2. Top 20 Playlist Base AI Algorithm

• Only relevant and important news

• Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithm automatically generates a contextual playlist of top 20 items based on your preferences, topics and location for you.

• So you can easily listen to audio news and video news without repeating any information

• Our algorithm helps you stay updated with today’s latest Hindi news and current English news

3. Backstory

• Our editors create detailed analysis, knowledge and background on each and every English and Hindi news today, so you can stay up to date with the latest Hindi news and current English news today.

• We provide analysis and knowledge, which is provided in the form of 5-W (What, Where, When, Why and Who).

• This question and answer format helps our listeners to understand the news quickly and stay informed

4. Brief Summary

• All our content is in the form of short summary news which update you about current events instantly

• You can listen to this quick summary at any time convenient for you

• It gives you the best features of a radio, a TV channel, a podcast and a news app all at once

• Summary helps you stay abreast of today’s latest Hindi news and current English news

5. Search

• Find today’s latest Hindi news and current English news across India, directly from the gallery page

• Also find cricket news in Hindi, entertainment in Hindi and latest news updates, viral videos and pictures in Hindi.

6. Trending and Viral Videos

• Stay updated on the latest viral and trending Hindi news and trending English current news today using the trending menu

• Full-screen display for the best viewing experience

7. Offline Mode

• Download all video information at the click of a button and then listen to them on the go

• Works without network connection by using our powerful offline mode

• Ensures that you are always up to date with the latest Hindi news and current English news today.

8. Bookmark

• Like a piece of information? Bookmark it and you can easily find it in other tabs

• We keep our items intact for 3 days so that you can get the latest Hindi news today.

9. Share interesting best news with your loved ones

• Share today’s latest Hindi news and English current news via e-mail, Instagram, Twitter, Whats app and Facebook

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10. Read news, listen to news and watch news

• Latest Hindi News Today

• English Current News Daily

• Receive customized alerts on topics like

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o international

o viral

o trending

o cricket and sports


o hollywood and bollywood

o politics

o technology

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