Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana Gujarat

By | 2 August 2022

Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana Gujarat

The Government of Gujarat has implemented Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme with effect from 26th January, 1996 to supply coverage to registered farmers only in case of accidental death or permanent disability. This scheme is 100% government sponsored. During this scheme, the premium is paid by the government for all the farmers. This scheme has been implemented under the Gujarat Community Group-Janata Accident Insurance Scheme from 01/04/08 through the Director of Insurance, Gandhinagar.

Purpose of Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana
The main objective of the scheme is to assist the heirs of the registered farmer, all the children (son/daughter) of the registered farmer and the spouse of the registered farmer in case of death or disability due to accident.

Beneficiaries of Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana
In case of accidental death or permanent disability, all registered farmers, any child (son/daughter) of the farmer and the farmer’s spouse between the ages of 5 to 70 are the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Key Conditions: Khedut Akasmat Scheme’s

  • The deceased or permanently disabled person should be a child of registered farmer (individual or joint name land) or registered farmer (son or daughter) or spouse
  • Death or permanent disability must be due to accident
  • The plan does not cover suicide or natural death.
  • Persons with deceased or permanent disability in the age group of 5 to 70 years.
  • The application should be made within 150 days to the office of the concerned District Agriculture Officer

Revised rate of assistance of Khedut Aksmat Scheme

  1. According to the revised resolution dated 13/11/2018 of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department, the assistance of the beneficiary has been modified as follows.
  2. In case of accidental death or permanent disability Rs. of 100% assistance. 2.00 lakh
  3. In case of accidental loss of two eyes/two limbs/arm and leg/one eye and one hand or leg Rs. 2.00 Lakh (100% complete loss of vision in case of eye, in case of hand- in case of loss of upper part of wrist and in case of foot- completely severed from knee)
  4. In case of accidental loss of an eye or a limb, 50% assistance of Rs. 1.00 lakh
  5. Chronological order of the beneficiary under the scheme
  6. Spouse: In his absence
  7. Children Son/Daughter : In his absence
  8. Parent / Mother : In their absence
  9. Grandson : In the absence of I, II, II
  10. Unmarried / Widow / Exiled sister who is dependent and is living with the beneficiary
  11. Any heir declared under the Heirs Act is applicable to the beneficiary involved in the above matters and other than the disputed matter

How to get benefits of Khedut Aksmat Sahay Yojana Scheme
In case of accidental death, the applicant will be the heir of the farmer by accident and in case of accidental disability, the applicant himself will be the disabled person. Applicants should submit the application in the prescribed format along with relevant documents to the concerned District Agriculture Officer, Zilla Panchayat within 150 days from the date of death or accidental disability. Applications received after 150 days will not be eligible.

List of documents attached with claim application::::: of Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana

  • Application in the prescribed form Annexure-1, 2,3, 3(A), 4,5
  • 7/12, 8-A, Form No.: 6 (Certified after date of death)
  • post mortem report
  • FIR and Spot Punchnama Police Investigation Report or Court Order
  • death certificate and age proof
  • Case acceptance report of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.
  • In case of permanent disability, disability certificate of Medical Board/Civil Surgeon and photograph of disability is shown.
  • In the case of the deceased, a valid driving license was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.
  • indemnity bond
  • Hereditary Report (Pedhinamu)
  • Hereditary report (pedhinamu) in case of heir (when the spouse is not an heir)
  • Any other proof sought by the Director of Insurance

Important Link
Official Website Click Here
Application Forms Click Here

Change in plan of Khedut Aksmat Bima Yojana 
With the resolution of the Finance Department, Government of India dated 25.06.2007. The Gujarat government has merged the accident insurance schemes of various departments of the state into one comprehensive insurance scheme, which includes the Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme. This scheme is being implemented by the Director of Insurance, Gandhinagar from 01/04/08. By amending the Finance Department’s resolution dated 25.06.2007, a comprehensive resolution was issued on 01.04.2013.

The first surviving child (son/daughter) of the registered farmer was covered from 01/04/2012 and the spouse of the registered farmer was covered under the Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme from 01/04/2016.

With the revised resolution dated 13/11/2018 of the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, increase in assistance in Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme, coverage of any child instead of the first surviving child and the coverage of registered farmer as per revenue records in this scheme. time of accident or involves permanent disability

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