Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat Apply New

By | 11 April 2023

 Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat Apply New

clinical aid Scheme Gujarat software shape: some of the this populace within the country aren’t capable of this purchase prescribed medicines, nutritious food and injections and so forth.

Here we share complete guide about Free Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat so that needy person can get benefits.

medical aid scheme gujarat application form download

All patients of any religion and caste belonging to the state of Gujarat and suffering from serious diseases like TB, leprosy and cancer treatment are eligible for this medical assistant scheme.

Under the medical assistance, the patients of the scheme get Rs 500 per month directly in their bank account. This assistance will be available to them as long as the TB patient continues his treatment. Under this scheme cancer patients get Rs 1000 per month.

Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat Application Form

Some population in the state due to their weak economic condition are not able to buy prescribed medicines, nutritious food, injection etc. during diseases like TB, Cancer etc. Free Medical Aid Scheme of Govt. Here we share complete guide about Free Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat so that needy person can get benefits.

Benefits under the scheme (Medical Aid Scheme Gujarat)

In severe cases of obstetrics, Rs. Women suffering from anemia are given Rs 500 per case. 150, TB patient Rs. 200, cancer patient Rs. 1000, HIV AIDS patient Rs. 1000, Rs. 500 per sickle cell patient, Rs 400 is paid to bleeding patient every month until they are completely cured.

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Income Limit for Medical Assistance Scheme Gujarat

To get the benefits under the free medical aid scheme, the income limit by the government should not exceed 1,20,000 in rural areas and 1,50,000 in urban areas.

What are the disadvantages of a Medicare plan?

  • It is expensive and the contribution goes up every year.
  • If you live in a rural area, you may not have easy access to private health facilities.
  • Sometimes there are co-pays that need to be made for certain medical services or procedures.

Which is better hospital plan or medical aid?

A hospital plan covers treatment and medical costs that arise when the insured is booked into hospital, while a comprehensive medical assistance plan covers hospital costs and other private medical expenses like specialist consultations, GP visits and additional tests or procedures. requirements will be included.

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