New Song Har Ghar Tiranga

By | 6 August 2022

 New Song Har Ghar Tiranga

Decorate your smart phone with our nearest and dearest Indian flag pictures.

The national flag of India is a rectangular flag. It has three colors namely dark saffron, white and green. Saffron color symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness, white color stands for truth and purity and green color stands for youth and energy and shuk color symbolizes peace and courage. Ashoka Charan is in the middle of the white color of the flag. Chara has 24 spokes which are dark blue in colour. The ratio of the length and breadth of the Indian flag is 3:2. The present day Indian national flag was first officially adopted on 22 July 1947 in the Constituent Assembly meeting.

This application contains lots of high quality Indian flag images and automatically adjusts an image to your device background. Just one click to select wallpaper of your choice. Each picture quality in HD and 4K resolution.

We hope, you will like this application. This application is specially designed for your devices. You can decorate your mobile home-screen with any one picture you like as this application.

So don’t hesitate, hurry up and download our Indian flag application and love our country. Don’t forget to rate us. Always welcome your feedback.

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હર ઘર તિરગા ગીત જુઓ અહીથી

Features of Indian Flag Wallpapers

=> Very fast and light app.

=> Internet connection is not required

=> Your can easily share with friends on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks

=> Free for all

=> Can will be easily saved in SD card

=> take up very little space

=> Compatible with almost all mobile phones and devices.

=> Consumes very less battery

=> Stylish menu icon.

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