Salangpur Temple Live Darshan

By | 1 July 2023

Salangpur Temple Live Darshan

Salangpur Temple Live Darshan: Salangpur Today Live Darshan, Salangpur Hanumanji Temple Live Darshan: Salangpur Hanumanji Dada Mandir is located near Barwala village in Botad district of Gujarat state. A large number of devotees from all over the country come here for darshan and Hanuman ji removes all the troubles of the devotees just by visiting here. Along with this, planetary pain or enemy pain is also destroyed. Many people need to have stay darshan of Dada sitting at home. A live darshan link has been provided for the same. From which you can do live darshan every day.

salangpur temple live darshan

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Live Darshan of Salangpur Kashtbhanjan Dada

Live Darshan of Salangpur Kastabhanjan Dada, The history of this temple is associated with the Swaminarayan sect. Mahant Shri Gopalanand Swami of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya laid the foundation stone of this temple and it is believed that this temple was constructed around 170 years ago.

Live Darshan – Salangpur

Live Darshan – Shri-Swaminarayan-Mandir-Sarangpur: Devotees bring their sorrows to the Sarangpur temple. Many devotees come here to get rid of evil spirits. Witchcraft, falling in mud or any negative effect of evil spirit on a person goes away by coming to this temple, just by the darshan of Hanuman ji that person becomes free from all those negative effects and becomes happy in his life. Life happens. ,

Sarangpur Ajna Darshan – Live Darshan of Kashtabhanjan Dev

Sarangpur Ajna Darshan: This temple of Salangpur is currently being managed by BAPS organization, this temple is very good and famous all over India. Here people get all kinds of facilities and devotees come from far and wide to visit the Salangpur temple. Then millions of people watch Kashtbhanjan Dada live every day sitting at home through YouTube. In this post, a link to the official website of YouTube and Salangpur Temple Live Darshan has been given for live darshan. From which you can do live darshan every day.

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Salangpur Temple Live Darshan Click Here

Live Darshan Website Click Here

Watch King Of Salangpur Click Here

Salangpur: Salangpur Dham is a symbol of faith. Salangpur Dham of Kastabhanjan Dada will now be known as Raja of Salangpur. The 54-foot Borzini Virat Hanumanji Dada statue was unveiled on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti. Now the devotees coming to Salangpur have to cover a distance of 7 km. Dada will be visible from afar. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, people are feeling blessed after seeing Dada.

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