Social Network for WiFi Passwords

By | 29 October 2021

 Social Network for WiFi Passwords

So what are public WiFi passwords? WiFi passwords are those that are required to this get entry to public WiFi networks in restaurants, accommodations, cafes, and so forth., wherein you usually should ask for a password before using the network.

WiFi Magic is based on collaboration among customers, who assist every other through updating the machine with new public WiFi networks and their passwords, hence permitting other users to routinely fetch them. WiFi Magic has no direct get right of entry to to this your password or your router.

WiFi Magic is found in locations around the arena, together with remote and isolated locations consisting of Greenland, Patagonia or significant Africa.

advantages of the usage of WiFi Magic:

data plan financial savings. in recent times most of our facts is living in the cloud, pics, emails, video games etc., resulting within the want for greater luxurious data plans. WiFi Magic helps you lessen your facts plan utilization.

roaming financial savings. it’s miles widely known that roaming costs are this normally relatively excessive. WiFi Magic lets in you to locate the nearest WiFi hotspot, therefore fending off the usage of expensive roaming in the course of overseas trips.

bat saving. cell 3G and 4G era for data is thought to eat more battery than WiFi connectivity.

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word: Wifi Magic is restrained to public networks. It does no longer cope with any form of private or residential network.

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