What to do if you get a corona positive

By | 18 April 2021

 What to do if you get a corona positive

 Another wave of corona continues across the country, including Gujarat, where the virus has changed its kind. Switching to this wave is growing rapidly and patients in their 30s and 50s are also getting worse. If Corona is confident, fix the issue as follows.

What tools are needed?

– EZ-LIFE oximeter. – Measure oxygen and heart rate

– EZ-LIFE Thermometer to measure body temperature

– Measure oxygen and temperature every 3 to 4 hours and keep notes.

– Consult a doctor if your oxygen level continues to drop below 94

What medications are needed?

– Azithromycin-500 1 1 once a day to remove the injection – 5 days

– Vitamin-C 1 time a day to increase the strength of the gallbladder – 10 days

 Vitamin-D 4 times 1 tablet once a week for 1 month

– ZINc disease to increase blood pressure 1 time in 10 days

-Paracetamol should be taken every eight hours in case of fever

– the human breath is taking a green tea drink 2 to 3 times a day

– Consult a doctor and prescribe a different treatment for the remaining problem.

What Ayurvedic Medicines Are Needed?

– swasan Patanjali 3 Cough three times a day

– Ayush Kwath Powder der Remove Self-Defense 2 times a day

– Dharasana massage oil – for pain in the joints

What should you eat and drink?

– Drink plenty of water. Drink warm water for at least 3 liters a day

– 1 glass of lemon syrup twice a day

– Orange, orange, or orange juice 2 times a glass

– Make full use of ginger for tea and extracts

– Turmeric milk 1 time per day

– Do not store hot food at home

Consultation with a physician

– You can report corona birth at 104. You will be given information about the corona at the expense of the state and the necessary assistance for solitary confinement.

– She will also visit the doctor’s home once a day

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